Setup your 3D Filament Store in 1 Hour !!!!!!!!! 1 CNC Files DXF Download

Are you thinking about to start a 3D Printer –

Accessories Shop!!!? NOOOOOO………


  No need to invest $$$$$$$ in a physical store,

you can easily setup an online store for

just 89$,

I will explain step by step instruction to start

your online store in 1 Hour.


  • Easy Income
  • No need to Stock Materials
  • No need of physical space
  • Sell Worldwide
  • Dropshipping (Direct Shipping from Manufacture to your Customer )
  • Easy Pricing ( You can choose your profit )
  • Automatic Marketing Support (Using Plugins )
  • Work from Home


Go to Alidropship Site (This is the Master Piece )  and

Buy Plugin – Only 89 $    – Click here to navigate to that site 

Step 2 

Follow this guide to install and setup of your website

If you have any doubts go to this page for a free consultation

Step 3 

After successful installation of your website in your

domain (  download a theme from this link 


Go to  and search “3D Printer filaments” ,

“3D Printer”  etc.. and add these products to  your site

Setup your 3D Filament Store in 1 Hour !!!!!!!!! 2 CNC Files DXF Download

Step 5

Follow this Knowledgebase page  for other instructions


Note: This is just an introduction blog, I will write a

detailed blog soon.  If anyone needs assistance

to set up their site please contact me : 

[email protected] 




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