CNC Files Download Collection 2020 DXF for Free

CNC FIle Download Duide

Are you looking for vector design CNC  files for your CNC Machine / Laser Cutter / Plasma Cutter / Waterjet or Metal laser?

We can help you to download CNC Files in Seconds, You can use these files in your CNC Wood Cutting machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machine, etc
CNC Files Download Collection 2020 DXF for Free

CNCriver has 16 categories which are the following,  we will add new categories and files every day.

CNC Files Download Catagories (DXF Files)

You can find both free Dxf CNC files and premium CNC files, free files you can download instantly.

1. Sign Boards  Download

Welcome Sign CNC laser DXF File
             Welcome Sign CNC laser DXF Files


2. Patterns Download

Download CNC Files DXF Files Patterns Free
Download CNC Files DXF Files Patterns


3. Birds DXF Download

hummingbird Download CNC Files DXF Files Laser Cutting Birds DXF
          Hummingbird Download CNC Files

4. Animals DXF Download

dog dxf file animals dxf cnc files download free laser cutting dog
                      Dog DXF  files download

5. Hangers DXF Files Download

dxf_file_cnc_file Hanger DXF File Download Laser Cutting Hanger
             DXF File Love Hanger Download

6. Trees Download

Welcome Tree DXF File CNC Laser Download
Welcome Tree DXF File CNC Laser Download


7. Flowers DXF Download

flowers dxf files cnc files dxf
       Flowers DXF Files


8. Love DXF Files Download

Love Bird DXF Files Laser Cutting DXF Files
Love Bird DXF Files CNC  DXF Files

9. Wall Decor Download

Wall Decor Girls CNC DXF Files
Wall Decor Girls CNC DXF Files

10. Mirror Frames or Photo Frames Download

one_side_frame_dxf_dxf_file_cnc_file mirror frame photo frame dxf file
Mirror Frame Photo FrameDXF files

11. Cars and Trucks DXF Files Download

Car DXF File Cars Trucks CNC DXF Files
Car DXF File Download

12. Logos and Characters DXF Files Download

Superman DXF File Laser CUtting Logos
Superman DXF File Laser Cutting Logos


13. Geometric Patterns Download

Geometric Patterns Download DXF Files DXF Files
Geometric Patterns DXF Files Download

14. Music Notes DXF Download

guitar_dxf_file_cnc_file guitar dxf file music notes cnc files download
GuitarDXF files Download

15. Clocks Download

CNC 2D Clock DXF File Laser CUt CLock
CNC Laser Cut Clock DXF

16. Mechanisms Download

IRIS Mechanism laser cut dxf
IRIS Mechanism laser cut DXF


Upcoming Catagories

  1. Military
  2. Calendars
  3. Business Cards
  4. Organizers
  5. Lamps
  6. Gifts
  7. Wedding Cards
  8. Birthday Gifts

If you don’t find your required file in any of the categories then send your requirement to us we will deliver the file in your required format (SVG, DXF, CDR, etc)  in 24 Hours for a reasonable price.

What is DXF File? Why We are giving only DXF Files?

DXF is a file type by Autodesk Autocad but nowadays most of the machines and Softwares supports these file type ,it is the common file type among CNC Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Plasma Cutting Machines and Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

How to Design a DXF File for CNC or Laser Cutter?

You can use a lot of designing Softwares like Autocad, Coral Draw, Google SketchUp, Solid Works, Fusion 360, etc

I will explain some software for designing files for your CNC and laser cutter machines

 DXF Vector Designing Softwares 

Tons of Softwares are available in the market but I am going to explain some popular programs 

1. Coreldraw [Popular]

Coreldraw is very popular among designers and its file format is “.cdr” you can design / import /export DXF Files in this software, The current version is Coreldraw Graphics Suite 2019.


Software Type: Paid, Trial Available 

File Format: “.cdr”

Supports: Windows / Mac

2. Inkscape [Free / Opensource ]






Inkscape is free and opensource 2D vector design software developed by Software Freedom Conservancy, USA .

Software Type: Free

File Format: “.SVG”

Supports: Windows / Mac / Linux


3. Autocad [Popular]

Autocad is from the Cad giant Autodesk but it is mainly used for engineering drawings but we an use that for creating vector files

Software Type: Paid

File Format: “.DWG”

Supports: Windows / Mac

4. Fusion 360 [Online and Free for 3 years]

Image result for fusion 360 logo

It is the fast-growing program among makers because it is powerful and gives offers for students and entrepreneurs that’s why most of the peoples love Fusion 360.

Software Type: Paid,3 Years Free for Students, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs 

File Format: “.F3D”

Supports: Windows / Mac

5. Rhino [Mainly Using Architects]

Rhino mainly used for architectural and jewelry design but we can design Dxf files also on that software.

Software Type: Paid, Trial Available 

File Format: “.3DM”

Supports: Windows / Mac


6. Solidworks [Popolar and Engineering ]

Image result for solidworks

Soildworks are mainly used by mechanical engineers for designing mechanisms and machines we can also use this for designing vectors

Software Type: Paid 

File Format: “.SLDDRW”

Supports: Windows / Mac

7. Tinkercad [Easy for Beginners & Kids]


Image result for Tinkercad

Tinkercad is a beginner-friendly and online (no need to install software) it is very easy but it doesn’t have more advanced features

Software Type: Free 

Supports: All OS, Because of it a web app 

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